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Food Intolerances

A food intolerance, known as IgG mediated reaction (Type III allergy), is a delayed onset, also known as hypersensitivity or food sensitivity. Onset of symptoms are within hours or days after ingestion of the food. With a food intolerance, it is possible to eliminate the food from the diet for a period of time and then to re-introduce them gradually back into the diet after an improvement in symptoms. 

Nuts - cracking the code

When it comes to nuts, the pervasive myth that nut consumption negatively affects people’s weight persists today, despite substantial evidence showing this not to be true

Macros VS Calories

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I promote a lifestyle approach to health through the consumption of

whole foods that help protect against obesity-promoting energy imbalance and metabolic dysfunction, rather than calorie-focused or calorie-tracking type diets

Powerful Pomegranates

With a worldwide number of growing consumer demand for healthier food products, the scientific community has made a considerable effort to thoroughly investigate the beneficial health effects of pomegranate consumption in the last two decades.

IHCAN Magazine Feature November 2023

is published for qualified practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine

I was excited at the opportunity to be featured in this evidence-informed magazine featuring the latest in complementary and alternative medicince Page 1, Page 2 plus read the case study page 3 and 4